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Girl, we love an Instagram-worthy hair moment, but let’s be honest, who has the time for a daily blowout? Thanks to SUGARBOO, everyone does.

So go ahead -- cancel that salon trip, because the SweetHeat ionic dryer has you covered. Ionic technology lets you #DoItFortheGram from the comfort of your own vanity, without missing the train or frying your balayaged ends. How? By charging strands with negative ions, SweetHeat dries hair in less time, while smoothing the cuticle and sealing in moisture. Get shiny, healthy, frizz-free results every time, without damaging your mane.

With four different temperature and speed settings, every blowout is sweet perfection, whatever your vibe.



SweetHeat packs 1500 watts of strand-sealing power, giving you professional results every time. Better yet, its salon-quality performance doesn’t come at the price of waking the neighbors -- or the Tinder date you brought home last night.

The quiet, lightweight design uses ionic technology to break up water molecules and smooth out frizz in record time. Who wouldn’t want a faster, shinier blowout without the damage? Literally no one, ever.

But let’s be honest: we all want a little more control. SweetHeat’s four different temperature and speed settings let you customize your blowout experience. Feel free to level up or dial it down to customize your results. However you want it, SweetHeat can bring it.



Ionic Technology:

Negative ions help water evaporate faster, while sealing in moisture and improving the effectiveness of hair products. The result? A shiny, damage-free blowout in less time than ever.

Quiet Motor:

The quiet, yet powerful motor gets the job done without waking up your neighbors. Its four temperature and speed settings give you total control over your look.

Lightweight Design:

Overpacking, as usual, for that flight to Bali? No problem. The convenient, lightweight design will keep your style on point and your baggage fees down.

Diffuser Attachment:

Curls and kinks get all the love they deserve with SweetHeat’s attachable diffuser.